Welcome to the World of Essence Naturals

When it comes to hair and skincare, it’s time for a revolution. It’s time to take out all the unnecessary and harmful chemicals and go back to basics, to what nature provided. It’s time for Essence Naturals.

Have you ever stood in the shampoo or soap aisles at your local pharmacy or grocery store looking for a natural product that would heal and protect your skin and hair only to leave empty handed? So have we.

That’s why, with every idea generated, we here at Essence Naturals strive to achieve one goal: the creation of great products made with all-natural ingredients that leave skin and hair healthy and rejuvenated.

At the heart of Essence Naturals is our use of essential oils, which not only harness the aromatic power of their respective plant, but also provide healing benefits, protect against germs, and are often antibacterial, anti-fungal, and exhibit antiviral properties.

To ensure superior products, Essence Naturals combines its essential oils with creamy and luxurious carrier oils like argan and camellia and silk amino acids, which lock in moisture in every strand of hair or patch of skin.

Alongside our desire to create top-of-line natural products is our need to create an honest, open dialogue with our customers. That is why we began this blog, so we could not only share our adventures with you, but also provide information about our products and ingredients so you can make informed decisions about your hair- and skincare regimes.

Also, did you know some of our products can lift your mood due to their ingredients? Aromatherapy uses the natural oils extracted from plants to help improve one’s well-being, which is why products like Calming Chamomile live up to their name: not only moisturize and heal your dry skin, inhaling its delicate scent will stimulate brain function and help you feel like your best self, inside and out.

We’re so excited for this next step in our journey, and we’re glad to have you along for the ride. And since you’re here already, don’t forget to sign-up for blog updates, and then head over to Facebook and Instagram where you can join us and help keep the conversation going!